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Application - 11 Jan (2.00 pm) - 16 Jan (4.00 pm)
Posting Results - 19 Jan (2.00pm)
Acceptance of Posting - 19 Jan (2.00pm) to 22 Jan (4.00pm)
Appeal - 19 Jan (2.00pm) to 22 Jan (4.00pm)
Outcome of Appeal - 24 Jan (2.00pm)
Acceptance of Appeal Outcome - 24 Jan (2.00pm) to 26 Jan (4.00pm)

Please note that eligibility to apply for PFP does not guarantee placement in the programme. Students placed on the PFP may or may not be posted to the course of his / her choice, subject to competition based on merit and the availability of places.

You will be directed here to this external site for application. More details on the PFP can be found at http://pfp.polytechnic.edu.sg .