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Application Process

1. Students who are interested in applying to the PFP should first progress to Secondary 5 on 3 January 2023. Upon the release of the 2022 GCE 'O'-Level results in January 2023, eligible N(A) students will receive a copy of Form P through their schools, inviting them to apply for the Polytechnic Diploma courses of their choice under the PFP. Applications for the PFP will commence after the release of the GCE 'O'-Level results, at the same time as the annual Joint Admissions Exercise. A successful applicant will be posted to the corresponding PFP for the Diploma course that he/she has been offered a place in. Application results will be released by end-January 2023. Students should only withdraw from Secondary 5 after they have accepted a PFP offer. Refer to FAQ for more details.

View the Step-by-Step Application Guide on how to submit your online application.
For an overview of the whole PFP Application / Outcome process, please click here.

2. Progression to Diploma courses after the PFP
The PFP aims to prepare students for a full-time course at the polytechnics.  Assessments may take the form of coursework assignments, projects and end-of-semester examinations. Students who pass all modules in the PFP will be deemed to have successfully completed the PFP and admitted into the first year of their pre-selected polytechnic diploma courses.

3. Commencement of the PFP
PFP at the 5 polytechnics will commence 17 April 2023.